25 December 2018 | IN THE MEDIA


“Uncertaincy is no longer an excuse for political inaction”. I was invited by the media to comment a recent article about the cost of a potential Amazon forest dieback, and the price to reduce the impacts. Read the post here.



I was invited as keynote speaker at the 5th International Seminar on Science in Bogor, Indonesia. I presented my research on biodiversity enrichment in oil palm and contributed to the dialogue on the topic “Navigating Sciences in Disruptive Era“. More info here (in Bahasa Indonesia).

18 July 2018 | OFFICIAL VISIT

visit foreign affair ministry 2

Delegates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries, Indonesia, visited our Biodiversity Enrichement Experiment. Read more here.

02 November 2017 | IN THE MEDIA


Does biodiversity increase resilience of the Amazon forest to climate change ? I was interviewed by the German science-policy interface for biodiversity research (NeFO) about my work on Amazon forest dieback. Read the post here (in German).


28 August 2017 | IN THE MEDIA


My article published in Geophysical Research Letters in 2017 was mentioned in the media. Read the post here.



13 March 2017 | PRESS RELEASE


I contributed to write a press release about my article published in Nature Communications in 2017. Read the press release here.



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